A huge part of the inspiration for this project is the recent rediscovery of the ancient solfeggio tones. Knowledge of the healing power of these tones has recently been uncovered and it's an amazing thing! Did you know that
these original scales contain a note humming at 528hz which is being used by biochemists to repair DNA? It's interesting to note that our common use of 440hz 'A' to tune instruments is 3hz off from ancient tunings. I've retuned my guitar to 443hz 'A' and the result is a real surprise. The tone is so much more pleasing and satisfying to the ear and to the cells in my body. What does that tell you?

Something significant is going on here. It is our intention for this recording to transmit whatever energy lives 'within and between the notes' of these mystical and ancient tunings.
It brings up some interesting possibilities. Wouldn't it be cool to fill the radio airwaves with these 'Good Vibrations'? Maybe it could help some stressed out drivers chill before they give in to road rage. Who knows what other possibilities await.
The Taodogs are ready to share what we discover with the world. With the help of Kickstarter.com we are set to raise $3,960 to fund this project.

Kickstarter.com is the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. Since their beginning in 2008 they have helped nearly 20,000 projects successfully raise funds. In that time supporters have pledged almost $150 million.

Here is the link to our fundraiser page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1974254276/in-between-the-notes

I would so much appreciate if you would copy this message and link to your Email, Facebook and Twitter networks. Please add a brief invitation to check out what we're up to, spread the word and if inspired make a pledge to support us. With your help we have a great chance of reaching our funding goal.

We have until May 15th to raise $3,960 or more. We must reach our goal for the project to be funded. Once funded the money will go toward production, design and distribution costs.
On behalf of Randy, Curtis and myself, I thank you with my whole heart. May you know ever deeper love and goodness through all your days.

Doug Fulton
"Songs To Open Hearts and Minds"