Monday, February 27, 2012

A Wonderful Wedding

Lorinda and Richard's wedding was wonderful.

Here's a photo of me and my partner, Ralph, at the wedding.

I found it rather interesting that when I made this post - and also posted some of the photos on Facebook - a couple of people thought it was MY wedding!

Can you see me with my arms outstretched in the sign of a cross and quickly going to hang garlic around my neck??!! Lol.

Don't expect to see this gal walking down the aisle any time soon!

Trust me, it has nothing to do with Ralph; he's really fabulous. In fact, probably the most fabulous guy I've ever met - and the amount of things we have in common is almost uncanny. As is the communication style we established very early on - like on the first date.

It's just one of those - been there, done that - kind of things. When I married Jeff in 1994 I had no second guesses, no qualms, and knew we'd be together for life.

But then, after over a dozen years of marriage, and trying so hard to make it work - including two separations and a really good counselor - whom I credit for our marriage lasting an additional 2 1/2 years...we weren't.

In the five plus years I've been single, I've realized there are many things about being single I truly love. After being with people all day long, it's nice to come home to my quiet, nicely decorated, place and greet my two lovely cats, Lady Jane and Katie Mae.

All of this said, I couldn't be happier for Lorinda and Richard. I share in their happiness, and can't wait to have them over for dinner, with Ralph, after things calm down for them after the wedding.

(And, besides, I heard that I had been described as a "force of nature with fairy wings" by the bride, to someone I hadn't met until the bachelorette party. I considered that a huge compliment. :) I think.)

Here's to beautiful whatever form they appear and take shape. :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

A wedding coming up

It seems to me this "How Are You" topic has run it's course. I'm interested in learning how to put photos on the blog, etc. the meantime...I have a wedding to go to next Saturday.
You know how you just know some couples are going to make it, and others aren't? This is a couple that will go the long haul. As in...I would be utterly shocked if they ever got divorced.

I re-vamped a poem I wrote for a college roommate to include in their wedding card. The college roommate I wrote it for in 1990 is still happily married, with two children, after surviving breast cancer. I believe these other friends will be happily married 20 years from now as well. The poem I wrote is below. But in the meantime, do you also - just know - sometimes whether or not a union is really going to make it through the long haul?


on your wedding day

I wish you joy.

For if each of your days

is touched by the happiness

you unselfishly bring

to the lives of those

who know you as I do

then you will be blessed

and you will be happy

as I have been happy

in knowing you.

On your wedding day,

I wish you trust.

For if your marriage is granted

the trust and assurance

you’ve earned in your relationships

like our special friendship

then you will be gifted

with faith and sincerity

as I have been gifted

by my friendship with you.

My friend, on your wedding day,

I wish you love.

For if, on your journeys

you encounter devotion

behind each obstacle

and scatter affection,

as you have in my pathway

I know you will find

the joy, trust, and love

that I found

            in having

                        a true friend

                                    like you.

Laura Handke, 2/25/2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

How Are You?

I had a hotel desk clerk tell me that fine might as well mean that things suck. This happened when I was checking out, had other things on my mind that were bugging at me; I responded with fine and she then asked me what was wrong with my stay. I guess Marriott hotels have training in place to make sure peoples stays are better than fine. DB